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It really is easy to sell on eBay.

In the past, the listings on ebay were automatically uploaded to my fb account. I have checked all the connections but it is not working. For a short time, it was down, then up, and for the past several months, nothing has been uploaded to fb. Trying to understand it. Was your ebay account somehow connected to the FB account? So when you posted something on eba, it was also posted to FB? If yes, have you changed your password on ebay or FB recently?

I have changed them and will make sure they are both the same. Thank you. Then, add more of them. You can either lower the BIN price of your product, or you can create lower price auction for those products. Provide best shipping option There are many successful sellers on eBay that provide free international shipping for their buyers. You know, for international buyers, they will consider shipping rate as well.

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If you give high shipping rate, buyers may opt to buy from another seller, no matter how cheap your product price is. So, consider giving an affordable shipping rate for your buyers. In this way, more buyers will choose you over other sellers that give high shipping rate. Those tips will help you to become a successful seller on eBay. If you decide to build a successful business on eBay, you can follow the tips above. The author is a contributor for whoishostingthis. MDesign Media. Using the right keywords will attract attention to your description, but it takes more than that to convince people to buy.

To do that, you need to look like the kind of seller they want to deal with. The more professional you can make your listing, the more likely people are to trust you as a seller. Products like inkFrog can help make the process of creating your listing simple. They offer over different listing templates, or you can create your own with their design tools. Then you can simply reuse these templates for all your listings, changing the text each time. Photos are key to selling an item online. Here are some tips for taking professional-looking photos:. Your success on eBay can depend on not only how you list your items, but also when.

For example, seasonal items are more likely to find buyers at the appropriate time of year, such as Christmas decorations in December and swimming or diving gear in the summertime. Lots of people will be paying attention to the team at that time, so demand will be higher. According to PC Magazine , studies have found that Sunday evening is usually the best time to start and end your listings since lots of people are shopping online at that time.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings can also be good choices. Avoid ending an auction on Friday or Saturday when many people are out. Setting the exact hour for your auction is a bit trickier, especially if you want to attract buyers across multiple time zones. Start low and let the demand drive the price up. However, a little homework can help. Search eBay for completed listings of items similar to yours, and see how much other buyers have been willing to pay.

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One way to maximize your profits on eBay is to minimize the fees you have to pay for listing your items. However, each category you sell an item in counts as a separate listing, so if many of your listings go into multiple categories, you can burn through those 50 free listings pretty quickly. By saving up your listings for these times, you can avoid listing fees that cut into your profits. Whenever you sell an item on eBay, you pay a percentage of the sale price to the site. As a bonus, being a Top Rated seller will also make your listings more appealing to customers and help you make more sales.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your ratings high. The No. If there are any flaws in its condition, like a scratch or a dent, mention them in the description and include a photo of the damage. In fact, Seideman says that selling a damaged item in as-is condition is often better than trying to fix it yourself.

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Having them click away from your listing does much less damage than having them return the item or leave a negative review. Another way to improve your reputation with buyers is to have clear, written policies on shipping and returns. That means having a generous return policy will increase the chance that buyers will see your listings. That will cost you a lot of money and time. A good compromise is to accept returns within a week after purchase and cover half the return shipping costs.

Some eBay sellers try to make their auction prices look low by charging a dollar or less for the item, then tacking on a ridiculous amount for shipping. The site has attempted to put a stop to this practice by setting limits on how much sellers are allowed to charge for shipping for different types of products.

To calculate this amount, weigh your item in the box you intend to use for shipping, complete with any packing materials that could add to the weight. You can then provide a shipping calculator in your listing to show buyers the exact shipping cost for their area. Another good option is to offer free shipping, especially for small items.

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Postal Service all offer shipping services that can get your products to buyers in two days or less. To avoid this problem, make sure you pack all items securely, especially fragile ones.

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Small items can go in a padded mailing envelope; large ones should go in a box with plenty of packing material. Bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, crumpled newspaper, or shredded paper can all work. Items like plastic toys will come through all right, but books, clothing, and electronics can all suffer damage.

Include your contact information on the slip in case customers have any problems or questions. Getting started on eBay is easy, and many people spend years using the site to sell items on a casual basis.

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The tips listed here will help you get the most profit out of these occasional sales. However, if you want to ramp up your online sales and turn them into a side business , eBay has additional tools you can use to make it a success. As your sales volume climbs, you can consider opening an eBay store, paying a monthly subscription fee in exchange for lower listing and final value sales fees. Are you a new eBay seller or an experienced user?