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What Stops a Bad Guy With a Gun? A Good Guy Who’ll Suck Him Off

We reckon he did. Another bounty hunter makes the top 10 villains list. He doesn't say much in the films but by gosh, he's a wrong 'un. A bit of a rotter, that one. He looks like an evil tortoise in human form, but became Supreme Leader of the First Order. He's the man who convinced Ben Solo that the dark side is awesome and helped him become the particularly nasty Kylo Ren. Not nice. This slug-like beast was Tatooine's biggest criminal — in more ways than one.

Fun fact: his real name was Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

Good and bad people

Poor Han Solo. With Princess Leia, he raised his son Ben only to have a lightsaber stuck in his belly and pushed off a bridge. Kylo's a bit of a career man, with his sights set on ruling the galaxy and will stop at nothing to become the ultimate bad guy. The dark lord of all Star Wars villains, Kylo Ren's grandfather and the best-dressed baddie in the entire galaxy. Once fought his own son with a lightsaber. A rubbish dad. Skip to main content. The Top 10 Star Wars Villains!

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Check out Lexi's list of the top 10 Star Wars villains and let us know if you agree with her choices! Image by starwars. Boba Fett Another bounty hunter makes the top 10 villains list. Jabba the Hutt This slug-like beast was Tatooine's biggest criminal — in more ways than one.

Kylo Ren Poor Han Solo. Darth Vader The dark lord of all Star Wars villains, Kylo Ren's grandfather and the best-dressed baddie in the entire galaxy. Do you agree with Lexi's list of evil villains? Rate it!


But at the end of the day, those deplorable acts did exactly what Elijah expected them to do—find someone on the opposite end of the spectrum as himself. Someone whose bones didn't shatter like glass. Someone strong as a team of oxen and tough as a tank.

'Dark Phoenix' surprises with villains no one probably expected — here’s what to know about them

Someone who could only be classified as a superhero. That's exactly what David Dunne turns out to be. And try to remember that Dunne never would've embraced his gifts if Elijah Price hadn't pushed him to do so. That might've been enough for Price to claim hero status himself—if not for all the pyromania and bombings and mass murders.

Look, we'd all like to live in the sort of world where there's nothing but easy decisions to make when the apocalypse arrives. The one thing we can be certain of when the end is nigh is that we're all going to have extremely difficult decisions to make.

Just count yourself lucky if you are not the leader of the free world when the day comes. That's just where Carl Anheuser found himself when the end began in the brainless disaster flick While Anheuser was an antagonistic presence throughout the film , he didn't achieve full on villain status until he thwarted the heroic efforts of Jackson Curtis to save his family by unceremoniously slamming the door to salvation in the Curtis family's collective faces.

It's a brutal moment to be sure, but it's important to remember that if Anheuser hadn't shut the doors, the world-ending flood outside might have found its way in. It would have killed all of the would be survivors aboard the Ark. And that would've meant the end of humanity. So yeah, Anheuser could've been nicer about everything, but seriously, he had to close those doors.

We're not going to say we saved the "best" for last, because there isn't much to like when it comes to the torturous psychopath we've come to know as Jigsaw.

Billie Eilish - bad guy (Lyrics)

As far as movie villains go, John "Jigsaw" Kramer is pretty much the worst of the worst. It's important to note that, while he didn't make it easy for some people to live, he technically never "murdered" anyone. His twisted traps and devices were puzzles. They were meant to be solved so that the persons trapped inside—most of whom had questionable morals to begin with—could escape with a new found respect for their miserable little lives.

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  • It's also worth noting that those who did escape ultimately did find new purpose. Throw in Jigsaw's own backstory —he was a rehab counselor who tragically lost everything before surviving his own near-death experience—and it's a little easier to see him as a radical life counselor who just wanted to share his own love of life itself.

    Of course, to do that you'd have to overlook all of the torture and "not-exactly but pretty much murder" blood on his evil hands. Hey, nobody's perfect, right? Seriously though, Jigsaw is one monumentally messed up dude. Sometimes people in power get a hard time for simply doing their job, something the dogged and determined Inspector Javert is a victim of.

    Sure, the Les Miserables antagonist definitely has a huge chip on his shoulder in Victor Hugo's original novel, but he often comes off like the biggest jerk to ever live when the property is adapted. So the source for both characters was one man. That was very influential. There's a thin line between hero and villain sometimes. We can all sympathize with Valjean brilliantly played by Hugh Jackman in this instance seeing as his initial crime was stealing bread to feed his family, but his law-breaking ate up years of a hard-working man's life.

    Who's the real bad guy here? (possible spoilers) :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions

    He was one of the biggest action heroes of the day, but if Top Gun were real life, there's no way that Tom Cruise's Pete "Maverick" Mitchell would be a popular guy. He's spent years training to be the best young pilot around, so of course he's going to have a problem when this upstart Maverick turns up and displays a blatant disregard for everyone's safety.

    Top Gun has none of that, so our hero is a self-obsessed twit who is impulsive, reckless, and ignorant of whom suffers at his hands. At one stage reports emerged suggesting that Cruise and Kilmer's on-set relationship mirrored that of their characters, but if there was ever any truth to this then it's clearly all water under the bridge, as the pair are reuniting for Top Gun 2.

    He was sidelined with throat cancer for a while, but Kilmer has revealed that he's fit and well enough to reprise the role of Iceman in the upcoming sequel. Hopefully he'll be better represented this time out. The Sam Mendes-directed movie firmly established returning star Daniel Craig as one of the all-time great s, but how much of Skyfall 's success was down to Craig as Bond? Does that sound familiar? It was this sympathetic backstory that attracted Bardem to the part. What I like the most is there is a clear motive.

    We understand he is very human and this is powerful. I was attracted to the villain because I thought he was a nice guy. I could see it in his eyes. It says a lot when you stand out as the true villain in a film full of undead, flesh-hungry corpses. But let's be honest, few characters from the zombie genre are easier to loathe than Harry from George Romero's O. Of course, the flesh-devouring monsters that populate Romero's brutal and brilliant zombie flicks have never really been the villains.

    Romero always seemed to mine just the right amount of inherent ugliness to make his human characters feel realistic in their vileness. Was Harry a racist, abusive scumbag? Yes, he was. That doesn't change the fact that he was absolutely right about the film's group of survivors retreating to the basement to survive the night. That's just what Night of the Living Dead 's hero Ben does to survive—even after spending the bulk of the film vehemently arguing against it.

    If only he'd stayed down there a little bit longer.

    Are villains born or are villains made? We're honest enough to admit that we don't really know the answer to that question. What we do know is that The Incredibles is a pretty clear-cut case of the latter. After all, Buddy Pine was a genius.

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    He was a tech wizard who was capable of greatness even as a young man. And he really, really, really wanted to be a hero. When he tried to join up with Frozone and the Incredible family, rather than seeing Pine's genius and his potential for good, those "heroes" responded with excessive scorn and ridicule before ostracizing the gifted young inventor because he wasn't blessed with superhuman abilities. What was the result of that disgraceful behavior?