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This was the starting point of an intensive dealing with homeopathy as an engineer, its basics and the supposed proofs of effects.

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The results of my research were a book and a blog, in which I try to show in a generally understandable way how hardly realiable the evidence is. It is based on errors in the conduct of the study, in the evaluation of the measurement data or simply on a lack of logic or an unclear presentation.

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One cannot avoid to deal with the teaching of the method and its environment. One notices the high standards with which homeopathy is represented, but which methods are used to avoid having to prove this. Health insurance funds and universities, medical chambers and politicians promote dissemination instead of focusing on scientifically based medicine and resolutely taking up undesirable developments there.

Because I do not consider this to be a positive development, I advocate informing about homeopathy. It should be seen as what it is: a long outdated doctrine of salvation, the foundations of which do not endure in the light of modern sciences and which should at best emerge as a historical event in the history of medicine at universities. As a doctor, former classical homeopath and mother of three, I know many views on homeopathy — those of followers and critics alike.

I completed my training as a homeopath at various schools of homeopathy. In order to present the successes I had experienced, I originally wanted to write a book that would finally convince all critics and doubters of homeopathy. But through the comprehensive research I have been convinced by the arguments against homeopathy. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not yet arrived in the middle of our society or in medicine.

Here in the Homeopathy Information Network, I am committed to ensuring that more and more patients can learn how the successes of homeopathy which I have also experienced can be explained and why the year-old healing method can no longer be part of medicine. You can find my own homepage here. You can find more about me on the Wikipedia english. On several occasions we have reported on the progress of the critical debate on the role of homeopathy in the French health system. In almost breathtaking speed, a protest article of the group NoFakeMed in Le Figaro has developed into a debate, which in the meantime has yielded statements of the supreme French Medical Association as well as the Academies of the Sciences of Medicine and Pharmacy in a joint statement , all of which clearly position themselves against the role of homeopathy in the health care system and which have not been lacking in clarity about the unscientificness, ineffectiveness and possibly dangerousness of homeopathy.

Of course, Mrs. Buzyn played for time, involving all the authorities that could be found in France. However, the recommendation to Mrs Buzyn is clear: No more refunds for homeopathy in public health. Before that, the three major homeopathy producers in France, Boiron, Weleda and the lesser-known Lehning, still have the opportunity to bring counter-arguments. Lo and behold — the nagging has already begun. We remind ourselves that nowhere was the cost factor decisive where homeopathy was given its farewell. Besides, we know The body itself can heal in many cases, the natural course of the disease usually also brings healing, placebo may have only a small part in all this, does not heal diseases — and is everywhere, where there is care and attention, completely free to have.

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We do not believe that Boiron will be on the verge of ruin only because of the abolition of reimbursement by the social security system. After all, the facts are as indisputable as the existence of the phases of the moon. And that, while classic medications have to go through an entire process of trials and study panels.

We simply cannot accept that difference. But there are conditions where the patient really has no time to lose on products whose effectiveness has not been demonstrated. People who are suffering from very real heart and vascular conditions should immediately seek treatment by a doctor, and with truly effective medication. Tell me about it. We also think that the criticism may have to focus even more on the danger potential of homeopathy. There are very few reports about it.

However, there was a collapse of this front in Belgium last year: one of the major insurers announced that it would no longer cover homeopathy reimbursements.

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One may argue, however, whether it is the right way to persuade the therapists of these directions to found professional associations and to believe that this would suffice an already dubious quality aspect. But the actual aim was to prevent the practice of these forms of therapy by non-physician therapists. In fact, in , a royal decree was added and the end of the non-medical practice of these therapies was sealed. The decree regulated. Well, yeah. Of course nobody does.

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This does not mean, of course, that the indications must be evidence-based, but rather the therapies for the indications. But it is exactly written so in the original text. Well-intentioned, but actually more than half-hearted, sometimes even nothing more than a appreciation of the sugar ball method — if such a regulation came into force in Germany, the Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians would probably celebrate longer….

No, a prerogative for physicians in homeopathy is not a solution at all. The lever does not have to be applied to the group of persons exercising the method, but to the method itself, as is currently the case in Spain and France. And that is why we would like to thank the Belgian consumer protectors, who have taken just this approach with their recently published statement.

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  6. Let us hope that in Belgium, too, there will be realised that homeopathy — no matter who is practising it — has no place in the qualified health care of the population. And German health policy? But we criticize them for pretending to be.

    Belgium may be half-hearted as far as the official attitude to homeopathy is concerned, but Germany is at best chicken-hearted, if at all. Of course there is also a well-meaning greeting connected with it. In bad tradition, the Prime Minister followed this wish. The greeting was published on the website of the medical congress.

    From various sources we could see that you have taken over the patronage of the Homeopathic Medical Congress of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians taking place in May in Stralsund. We are also familiar with your greeting to the Congress. We have a critial view on both the assumption of patronage and the greeting to the congress. Allow us to explain the reasons for this below.

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    We consider it important to make representatives of politics familiar with our concern, an enlightened approach to the subject of homeopathy, and to explain our motives. Since , we, the Information Network Homeopathy, its members and supporters, have been explaining that homeopathy is a sham therapy that has neither ever been able to provide valid proof of its effectiveness nor to eliminate the incompatibility of its basic assumptions with scientifically proven principles. Clinical efficacy —we acknowledge that a placebo effect may appear in individual patients but we agree with previous extensive evaluations concluding that there are no known diseases for which there is robust, reproducible evidence that homeopathy is effective beyond the placebo effect.

    As a consequence, in more and more countries homeopathy no longer finds a place within scientifically based medicine and public health systems. In this connection, reference is made to the end of the prescribability of homeopathic remedies in England, which is now followed by the inclusion of homeopathic remedies in the blacklist of the British Ministry of Health, so that they can no longer be registered as medicines. In particular, we draw attention to current developments in France and Spain. In both countries, the professional associations and scientific academies of both medicine and pharmacy have clearly distanced themselves from homeopathy and demanded that it no longer be given a place in the public health system.

    In Spain, the current government has already taken concrete measures to remove homeopathy from therapeutic practice. In France the political decision on this is currently pending, the recommendations of the chambers and the academies of science leave nothing to be desired in terms of clarity: homeopathy is medically worthless to potentially harmful.

    In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration, in consultation with the FTC, is in the process of creating an increasingly stringent regulatory framework for homeopathic medicines. Consumer protection organisations are currently suing distributors of homeopathic medicines for fraud. In Australia, the possibility of covering homeopathy through private supplementary insurance was even abolished by law in Many other political and scientific organizations in other countries have also positioned themselves against homeopathy as part of medicine and health care.

    The extraordinarily effective homeopathic lobby in Germany has apparently succeeded in keeping such developments at bay. The danger of isolation of German health policy in the circle of EU partner countries in particular can no longer be dismissed here.