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She is asked to think of the name of her best friend. On the blank back of four cards she is asked to write the name of four other friends, and the best friend's first name on the final card. The cards are mixed, yet the magician can divine the name of the best friend. Making Magic: Coupons Martin Lewis This is a torn-and-restored effect using a single newspaper page or magazine cover.

I created it in the s while working at Earthquake McGoons Magic Cellar in San Francisco, but it has evolved over the years to what it is now. The beauty of this method is that you end clean and can immediately hand out the restored paper or use it in another effect. I'm a believer in cause and effect, whenever possible, and my presentation gives a good reason to hand out the restored paper.

It also affords me some coupon humor, too. Loving Mentalism: All About Me Ian Rowland This month's mentalism offering is a stage item that blends perplexing mystery with plenty of laughs and audience participation.

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The idea is simple. You make a series of improbable-sounding statements about your life, and people in the audience try to guess which are true and which are lies. Sometimes they guess correctly, sometimes not. This is all good fun, but then comes the mystery: you show that you correctly predicted every one of the audience's verdicts, as if you knew in advance exactly what they would or would not believe.

The audience's verdicts are free and fair. No forces, no preshow. The prediction is set in stone from the start, and free from any gimmicks - it's just a printed prediction you can give away at the end. A truly baffling mystery! Bent on Deception: Quiet! The Grown-ups are Talking!

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Mike Bent I've written in the past about dealing with hecklers in a comedy club, but this month I want to talk about dealing with hecklers at kid shows. Think drunks in a comedy club are bad? They're a cakewalk compared to the nemesis of every kid-show performer: chatty, clueless adult audience members.

I hardly ever have a problem with kids at a kid show. I can handle them because I fully expect them to act like kids. I don't get thrown, because I can anticipate their behavior, good or bad. But adults who should know how to behave - but don't - can make a show a nightmare. Here's a rogue's gallery of the basic types.

The Monk's Way: The Monk Goes Techno Steve Reynolds The main thrust of these "Monk's Way" articles has been on subtlety in the methods of tricks, and every so often we have revealed how these kinds of approaches can be applied to technique. But most have been within the context of tricks or moments in tricks. Now we move out of context and focus on a method for setting up one of the most deceptive false shuffles available.

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At one time the basic idea was very much underground. I independently developed what I consider a very strong means of getting set for the false shuffle. Now, eighteen years later, the basic idea has made its way above ground far enough for me to share my method. Mark Kornhauser Of course you do. A person afflicted with spinach-tooth looks ridiculous and doesn't know it - which makes him look more ridiculous. And even though it's a simple procedure to remove the spinach, if no one mentions the offending leafy blemish, it may stay there for a long time.

Years, even. I'm speaking, of course, of metaphorical spinach: the glaring problems we see in other performers but cannot see in ourselves. Walkabout Soup: The Creativity Stewpot Simon Coronel I frequently think of the creative part of my brain as a huge pot of minestrone soup. Or maybe a gumbo. Some kind of big primordial soup or stew that you throw all kinds of miscellaneous ingredients into, stir them together, and hope they generate something that tastes good. Of course, not everything you pull out will be good.

Often, the flavor combination will be terrible, and the idea quickly discarded. But every now and then, an unexpected combination of ingredients will turn out to work amazingly well together. Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. What were his teachers thinking?

Especially when one has the ability to create magic sandcastles out of thin air. And can he learn to use it as an offensive weapon so he can stay alive long enough to get home? Erwyn needs to find out fast. Moonspeaker, by K. In this thrilling science fiction classic, author K.

Wentworth sets the stage for her ground-breaking House of Moons series, introducing Haemas Sennay Tal—the Moonspeaker. Daughter of one of the most powerful families of the mindtalented Kashi, Haemas lived a life of privilege until her life was shattered by a brutal attack on her father and the accusation that she committed the heinous crime.

Haemas must master her extraordinary mindtalents before she is killed—and the fabric of the world is torn asunder. House of Moons, by K. Wentworth continues the adventures of Haemas Sennay Tal, the liaison to the mysterious aliens known as the old ones, and the only human permitted to traverse the aliens timeways. Unknown to her Lord Chee, a bitter and treacherous lord, has devised a horrible scheme to wrest control over the timeways - and over the rich and beautiful Moonspeaker herself.

Only Haemas can hope to stop him, pushing her extraordinary mind talents to unprecedented heights, before Chee destroys everyone and everything ever known - including herself. Man of mystery From a life of misery, chained as a galley slave under the whips of the marauding Mhurgai, Korendir contrived an escape against impossible odds, only to gamble his hard-won freedom against ever more deadly stakes—in a world endangered by elementals, shape-changers, demons and perilous wizardry.

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Even Haldeth, fellow captive at the oar and his only accepted friend, can not understand what drives Korendir to repeated risk. Yet, can any fortress wall be enough to disarm the inner nightmares that ride the Master of Whitestorm with the cruelty of a death-wish? The British trenches grow wet and foul.

For Travis Lee Stanhope, a Texan sharpshooter serving in an English unit, the war is not hell, but home.

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At dawn, he begins his methodical sniping of enemy troops. Then he returns. His confirmed kill list is exemplary. But Travis Lee is changing. His senses are ravaged by the unending scream of shells overhead. His mind is numbed by too many rations of rum. His soul is bled dry by the constant death all around him. And yet, in his dreams, something still lives. He sees a world like the war, yet unlike, where the living are the same as the walking dead. The people there are his comrades killed in action.

Sometimes they are stranded with him on the battlefield. Sometimes they lie in glass-covered graves in an Eden-like cemetery. He tries to ease their pain. But no one can ease his pain. And it will take more than death, and more than dreams, to make Travis Lee realize that he may have a function in this war beyond killing his enemies. None of the evidence makes sense.

Is Minister of Science Vanderslice really there to help, or does he have his own plan to catch the killers? But Holloway is still carrying a case with him, the brutal murder of his wife—the only case he never solved. But the slaughter makes no more sense than the death of his wife, and the clues are equally bizarre, equally impossible to reconcile with reality Even as the invincible armies of the Black Prince plunder and slaughter, laying waste to all lands between Parona and the Elvan Preserve, the vile wizard, Valdaimon, guards the golden eggs that will one day enable him to call fire from the heavens.

In a time of madness and blood, a mortal thief and a young elf-mage must join forces to combat the advancing evil—and to reforge, at the risk of the future, a glorious and terrible alliance between humankind and the great dragons.