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He was certainly a very handsome teddy bear. His fur was soft brown and he wore a purple sweater and straw hat. He too was a very handsome teddy bear. His fur was snow white and he wore a red Display. Marvin was a little white mouse about two years old. He was one of a litter of 29 other mice. His mom was always worried that he was going to get hurt.

The world Display. Once upon a time, there was a little bunny named Puffer Bunny. He was so fluffy that everyone wanted to cuddle him. He lived with some kids in a comfortable bungalow. The kids were named BoBo, Bobby, and Kit. Bobby was especially fond of little Puffer because he had raised him from a baby. One Display. After Billy and Bevy were married for a while, they had a cute little baby beaver.

They were very excited. Her name was Annie.

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Mama and Papa Beaver were very proud to be grandparents. Lizzie and Randy were proud to be aunt and uncle. Baby Annie was very active, exploring the river and the river Display. PJ frog opened his eyes to the bright sun of a new day.

He stretched out his long legs and stuck out his tongue to taste the morning air. Early one spring, as the night sky burst into dawn and as the raindrops formed a shimmery coat upon the land, a pure white dove rose to meet the wind. The warm wind carried her along as she flew. She was searching for peace.

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She spread her wings and flew through sunshine. She spread her Display. Once upon a time there was a little bird named Birdie and she was afraid to fly. She would hide all day and all night in the bushes, mostly because there were these big bully crows that would land on the ground in front of Birdie they would scare her and tease her by squawking Display. It was early summer in the forest. On the mango tree near the foot of the hill lived two parrots. One day a sparrow visited their area in search f food and sat one of the ranches of the mango tree. The sparrow is very small and beautiful.

Its presence on the tree attracted the Display. He had been playing in the yard with his little sister Mopsie. The two puppy dogs were very frisky. They were running around and chasing butterflies together. The bright summer sun beat down on them and once in awhile, they would rest under the shade of the Display. In their search for a viable place that offers food continuously a family of squirrels migrated to the lakeside and started living there on the Palm trees.

The favorite place for the kids in this squirrels family is the Palm tree that leans towards the lake almost touching the surface of the water.

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On the Display. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Morgan. Every afternoon a great big Bear Display. A group of birds living on the banyan tree in the forest got an unusual guest from the nearby city. It is a sparrow that got stuck in the tarpaulin of an empty truck headed towards the forest. As soon as the tarpaulin was dragged to load the forest produce, the sparrow freed itself off Display.

It was early in the morning. The little bird came out of the nest and heard her mother scolding her sister for not dusting her nest. The words of scolding appealed this little bird like a sweet music on Display. One day a tiger felt that it was more powerful than the lion and wanted to challenge the lion. It was noon and the lion was fast asleep after a meal.

The sounds created by the tiger woke up lion. Flowers tucked her daughter, Blossom, into bed and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I love you. Now, close your eyes and go to sleep. Flowers turned off the light and tiptoed out the door.

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Blossom yawned and closed her eyes to sleep. Mitty the Kitty knelt down. She dug her sharp claws into the ground and wiggled her behind. She was ready to pounce. He was unaware that she wanted to play. Then quick as the wind Mitty pounced on top of Display. Once upon a time there was a young little mule deer lost in the woods. He was a small deer, with large, mule like ears.

Along his travels, Nick ran into many other animals.

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One of the animals Display. There was a Siberian husky, her name was Siberia. She had two friends. One was a Chihuahua, her name was Chichi. Her other friend was a Golden Retriever, her name was Goldie. She had fun with her friend One day Siberia and Goldie were going for a walk Chichi came by.

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She saw them walking Display. Mom and Dad waved goodbye as I stood with Grandma on her wooden porch. They were leaving me for two days. I started to cry. We are going to have a wonderful time together, just you and I. One day a Little Frog happens to see a buffalo on its way to the pond and is stopped by it.

The little frog got surprised. What are you doing by jumping like this? Yelled the big buffalo at the little frog This is how I walk responded the frog with a surprise. You have Display. In a very big forest there lived many animals and birds. One day the some of the birds were discussion about the way the animals live. I hate looking at these Display. In a forest there were two squirrels living happily in the coconut plantation. One day the entire coconut plantation was disturbed by the powerful gale winds. These winds have swept the ay coconuts fully and in minutes the ground was helter-skelter with baby coconuts.

The squirrels felt happy at once but soon realized that all Display. By Paula Moore Once upon a time there was a smart little hamster named Hamilton. He lived in a butcher shop owned by a man named Mr. Hamilton had no cage — he went anywhere in the shop he pleased. Roman would put out some Display. One day a mouse was in search of food in the forest. While searching it came near the den of a lion and smelt something very good. Guided by the smell, it went inside the den and found several pieces of meat of an animal that was eaten by the lion.