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The national daily championing freedom, smaller government and human dignity. The Stream offers a rich and lively source for breaking news, Christian inspiration and conservative commentary while challenging the worst in the mainstream media. The Stream. Make The Stream my Homepage. Dante, the Prophet of Hope. A Poet of Desire Beyond his immediate historical context Dante, like Shakespeare, has proven to be for all time.

Being a Prophet of Hope - Finding Your Prophetic Voice

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The prophet's visions after the fall of Jerusalem led to the creation of a new Jewish identity.

More detail is available here. A new minority of followers arises, not everybody, but people start to imagine something other than empire.

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My questions for you: Can you name imperial images today? Can you name images that refuse empire? Hope comes from the prophets in a torrent of promises. We keep up a broad public pretense while practicing greed because of our anxiety over having enough, self-serving wealth pushes out the possibility of public good.

It feels like free fall. Private peace is impossible when the public welfare is gone. His response: Do all we can to open our imaginations up to a radically different possible future.

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Recognize the discontinuity upon us, and know we do have reason to hope because God is good. Workers and intellectuals of every political stripe and religion tried to write, publish and distribute their dream of a new free Poland, but were roundly repressed and jailed by the hundreds. So they hit upon a brilliant strategy.

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  8. In jail or out, they would live as if they were free. But to the best of their ability and resources, they lived as if they were free, and it became openly contagious. The regime was furious, and struck back. And the jailed free people suffered the consequences.

    Dante, the Prophet of Hope

    But they kept at it, and eventually won. They imagined a country, an economy, a free political system into being. They practiced courage in the face of possible despair; rejecting suicidal resistance. Hope won. It is an act of playful imagination with ill-defined and open images that suggest without clarity. Hope is given in an imaginative way, because it is out beyond what we know. It is, in an audacious claim, the very word of God, the word that will stand forever Isaiah , a word that is in your mouth a fire Jeremiah , that cannot be held in Jer.

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