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Here we examine the design of the new light suit including background to its creation, construction, symbolism and application in Tron Legacy. Moreover, to physically illuminate each suit in post-production would have been too expensive. The light suit is made from Spandex elastane covered by a hexagonal pattern and interspersed with latex-foam. Sometimes it is a one-piece, sometimes more, depending on the character design.

These colours are made by overlaying a transparent 3M Vinyl film over the phosphor before lamination.

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We wanted a perfection, and symmetry, and beauty to the costume, while also incorporating this practical lighting element that had never been done before on this scale. The majority of the suits were designed in 3D using digital moulding program ZBrush. This was the first step in deciding where the actual lighting elements would be situated. Using a CNC Computer Numerical Cutting of high-density foam, an initial small scale output would be made so any fine details were perfected before construction of the full size light suit.

The CNC process tends to cause bubbles and striation in the output. As such, lines needed to be refined and a hard coating applied from which to take the final mould. During this process the lighting channels had to be incorporated along with wiring harnesses, which were eventually embedded directly into the foam causing further striation to be corrected.


Christine concludes the process:. The light suit is all made of a hexagon mesh which we also printed and made the fabric from 3D files. This would go onto the hard form; it would go inside the mould which was silicon matrix. We would put those together and then inject foam into the negative space. The wiring harness is embedded into the mould and you get a torso. Around suits were created for different characters in the film. Unusually the costume team was also responsible for their accompanying helmets.

Normally these are sourced or made by the prop department, but central to having the suit aligned with the Grid was its absolute symmetry head to toe. These helmets were incredibly intricate in plan and assembly. Lead designer for all helmets Neville Page explains his intentions:. We will now move onto more specific design elements created for individual characters.

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Kevin Flynn was a video game designer who in created a fantastic digital world called the Grid. After becoming trapped inside the Grid and ultimately escaping back to reality, in he made a program CLU 2. However in he suddenly disappeared leaving his young son behind. No-one has heard from him since. Not until now. Being as Kevin is something of a hippie character within the Grid, his costume is organic looking and free flowing. His white polyester cloak in particular has many light panels incorporated to suggest an aura from within. His alter-ego or son?

Tron Legacy Sam Light Suit

CLU is polar opposite. Though Jeff Bridges was on set to read lines, a stand-in for the actor wore a light suit for blocking, due to the fact that Bridges is no longer physically the young man his computer generated face was intended to project. His build is different, he moves differently; obviously like a 61 year old. The actor cannot see a thing through the helmet.

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Add a colourful shirt or tie to avoid looking too sombre. Make a powerful statement while still looking ready for business with deep red shoes and a black suit. The dress code might be more relaxed, but it's still important to have a coordinated outfit. A grey suit is understated and easy to mix with more casual elements from your wardrobe, making it an easy choice for informal business situations.

When mixing a grey suit with brown shoes, opt for similar depths of colour. For example, a dark grey suit goes well with dark brown shoes. A smarter option than brown, black shoes with a grey suit look understated and elegant. Choose this option for a more minimalist take on business style. In very casual workplaces, it can still be appropriate to wear tailoring sometimes. In this case, blue is a winning choice. The shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. Ground a blue suit with navy shoes for a sophisticated tonal look that still feels relaxed.

White provides fresh contrast when worn with blue, and looks clean and crisp enough for the workplace. The warmer months call for lighter coloured tailoring to keep control of the heat. With a pale blue suit, choose black or navy shoes. Light suits can look quite casual, so if you need to stay smart, black is the best choice.

It's an effortless option that never looks out of place. Tonal looks always appear sophisticated, so balance the light blue suit with navy shoes for an accomplished finish.

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Take a look at our video overview of this guide, covering all you need to know to get it right every time. Just think about how to style the suit, what it's made of and how it's constructed. Ensure that you match the colours of your suit and socks according to these rules.

Men's Light Grey Suit Article - How to wear a custom bespoke light gray mens suit

There are a few simple rules that will make sure you get it right every time. Search in Men Search. How to combine your suit and shoe colours. The Corporate Business Look. Black The most understated option, black will always look sharp with a navy suit. Navy Navy is always a reliable option for any element of your workplace outfit.

Cognac Cognac is a particularly rich shade of brown, making it a great choice for contrasting with a navy suit while still looking appropriate for a corporate workplace.

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  • The Elegant Business Look. Dark Brown Choose a very dark brown shade so that you have some contrast with your suit without creating a clash. Black A black suit with black shoes will look effortlessly elegant. Deep red Make a powerful statement while still looking ready for business with deep red shoes and a black suit. The Smart-Casual Business Look.

    Dark brown When mixing a grey suit with brown shoes, opt for similar depths of colour. Black A smarter option than brown, black shoes with a grey suit look understated and elegant.