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He felt a strange tingle that did almost nothing but just in case he looked at his status only to see no debuffs at all. Darknym didn't pursue, he just cleaned up those that were near the lab and in range of the Land raiders HQ.


The clear waters had retreated for the time being, leaving tons of spoils and only four Land raiders alive. It was as if they had awakened some ancient monster from its tomb or something. It was closer to the last gate and away from the slums and the rich shopping area. He nodded them to follow him, The inside was quite nice and the Owner.

The owner of the Inn was William and Despina who to tell the truth weren't too happy to see him. Darknym went to the magical lab to create more rings not that it would take too long since the rings were simply to allow them passage. But he also created 39 other rings with a great magical shield, although he would have to recharge them after the shield is drained out, for Nancy he made an earring seeing that she wore some small pearl on her ear.

One hour had passed, they only had half an hour left before the fight with Zeiseg. Although that was before her becoming an In-game correspondent so it was fine at the time being, but then her in-game character was shown. At first everyone thought it cute, a gnome with her face but later people begun losing Interest in her, that's the way Bob came into the picture, they were the knight and the small princess.

Although Bob had more fans than her since his character was as handsome as him himself. Truth was Darknym's video of her made her popularity flare once more, for a little. This was a chance to become a solo correspondent but she was given three Objectives. First was to find how Darknym got his in-game fortune and magical powers.

Second Map the Tower labyrinth so that their Alliance could take over the city. Third enter his guild and take anything she can and give it to the director. They had gathered in front of the city and were waiting for Darknym to appear. He was a little late, or they were just early she didn't care less. He asked who would join his guild, it was a great opportunity to accomplish some of her objectives, she lifted her hand as she left her old guild at the same time.

She said some stupid stuff about no guild wanting her, but in reality she was in one of the VIP guilds for celebrities in the Isleplains "The Famous" and she lost that to enter "The Worst" a guild with only two members, one of whom was she herself and the other the guild master. She could cry just thinking about it but she held her fist clenched as she thought of he future benefits.

He gave them some rings and left for Destros saying that he had some business there. She looked at the guild's status seeing that it was only level 62 and had 61 unallocated buff points, and swallowed in despair. He must have been around level since she was level 10 and since she was always protected by guildmates from "the Famous" she hadn't cared for such things as battles and levels. The famous had only buffs that helped them at finding more stuff at stores and better stuff at stores, but it was a levels guild with lots of players who worked as mercenaries.

The thing was Nancy was a little too caught up in the game she used a fortune to buy gold coins in the different sites.

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She wasn't the only one, everyone in "the Famous" did so but the problem was in-game gold only became more and more expensive. That was one of the reasons everyone was interested in Darknym's secret, as he had bought a whole mountain, that would have cost him a fortune in real world money. So that means he had found the goose that lay him golden eggs. In moments after he had left the townspeople begun gathering around them they looked terrified and afraid they said some nonsensical stuff but the message was clear it was a cry for help.

She send him a message to return and told him a piece of her mind but then it appears that everyone was thinking in the same way as him only not as extremely as he did it. It was true after all that it was only a game, but he somehow twisted his words to make his own morals look more plausible. He called them a guard and left once more, he said something about a guild war in Destros, 'I only hope he isn't a scavenger, my guild the clear waters had said something about attacking some guild today' She hoped deep inside somewhat afraid that he might be in one of those raider guilds.

They didn't even reach the next gate and one of the reporters got some news from his guild, a large guild on Destros was forced to retreat or something. She almost had a heart attack, when she heard from her guild that Bob retreated and her guild lost the fight against a small members large new found guild but the most striking revelation was that they had found Darknym in Destros, just a few meters further from their HQ.

Most of the reporters asked her about further details, knowing that she was part of the losing guild, they even asked her if they had a video of the battle, she messaged Bob and he said he had the best shots although he was sorry for losing, Merry said she was unable to use her mental attack for some reason, but he said that the guild would uplink the full battle.

Darknym had returned someone said. They saw him and stormed him with questions he didn't seem too cooperative, must be outside his contract. It was true, the Director disregarded his Destros character because Destros was one of the least interesting places, as only the new order and mutants had something to do, the Industrials just enjoyed the game inside their underground bunkers, while the scavengers were fighting amongst themselves.

The only exciting events of Destros was the strange mutant that only appeared once, an A. Darknym took them to the Inn they would be staying and said that she would be staying at the tower, She was a bit nervous since the tower was her goal from the start. He said something about magic and gave her three rings with extremely overpowered enchantments, she didn't know to give them to the director or not, she did have a good justification to keep them of course. If he wanted her to stay under cover he would have to concede her the rings or at least the Archmage's gift that gave Mp regeneration, a dream of any mage character.

Her last profession was that of a mage but she had only taken it in order to use magical cooking utensils. He teleported them to the tower but Moneybag's bad side he gets angry if you get too greedy, mother was a fool to think she could steal his most treasured possession" She was Velarial and she was just looking for someone to talk. Of course she had a slight suspicion that she could be an Npc but most Npcs acted only their role, she on the other side looked free and even badmouthed Darknym openly. Why are there two more sofas than needed, servants!

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Nancy saw a violet woman with green hair sitting on one of the sofas. They climbed up a very big hill, on top of which was a girl standing on one leg in a karate gi, her head shaved and her breasts were seemingly too large for her gi to fully cover. Velarial quickly retracted her hand and rushed to Nancy, lifting her off the ground and running away from the hill.

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Nancy could see a small mushroom like flame coming from the top of the hill. Velarial took her to the harem tower, it had at least 20 floors with all kinds of luxuries and even an elevator.

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It made her doubt how great "the Famous" guild really was since they did not allow low status members like herself into their more luxurious Installations. In the large one she could she a blonde head at one corner of it. She saw Velarial sneaking behind her and do something to the jaccuzi, and bubbles begun popping out of the water. Nancy was a bit more interested in the four Npc's stories, since they all have some background with Darknym.

Nancy felt ashamed for a second but then again she felt stupid, they were Just Npcs. She took off her little clothes and entered the Jaccuzi. Not there Nancy didn't know to speak or not but she didn't want to spend her time mapping the Tower, it was a chore not a hobby. Nancy wasn't sure to speak or not but seeing as she had no way of asking Darknym to give her the plans of the tower she would have to ask one of the four Npcs in the Tower for them.

Velarial just nodded a few times and came closer with a pop up message. Nancy was perplexed, she was no noob to love but she wasn't keen on sleeping with everyone, she had two boyfriends with whom she broke up because she found them cheating on her, the first was a model in the same model agency as her and the next was her manager at the time being. From there on she had no more sexual relationships and in reality was looking for a stable relationship and a good husband. In Velarial's hand appeared a gold coin "The funds to march" Another coin appeared "buy better equipment" A third one appeared "buy skills" A forth appeared "maybe even buy a town or two" She made the coins disappear at the end.

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Nancy snorted and said "Hah, you probably didn't know yet but I have joined his guild so I probably have some allowance or something, money is no problem for me anymore" "And what's your allowance? Velarial laughed at the sum bend her waist and whispered to her ear. Velarial could see her uncertainty in her eyes and whispered once more.

A Party message popped up. In 5 minutes everyone group up in front of the Inn, we are leaving for The Event. Nancy recollected herself and begun putting her clothes on, since the wet condition wore off quite fast in the game. Velarial seeing her sudden change in behavior went back into the water.

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Nancy left the Harem tower and found Darknym waiting for her near the exit of the palace. He just laughed and teleported them away since they were 12seconds late. Darknym likes to be as punctual as possible, getting easily irritated when he's going to be late for something or by unexpected situations. Darknym and Nancy appeared in front of the Inn, only 18 of the reporters were present making Nancy a bit Angry.