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What's that? I like snakes but I like them best in the woods and not at my house. Besides, I can't have him eating my photography projects. The wall above my front walk is usually covered in geckos.

Solly's Not-So-Great Adventure by Patty Mund, Dawn Benson - - Dymocks

Not tonight. The anoles sun there during the day and I'm real fond of those anoles. I run inside and wake my husband and tell him to call someone to pick up the snake. Snakes are removed from the housing areas and let loose in the woods just outside the gate.

I move around to the side. Well, just look at that!

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All comfy and snug. He's on the move. He's now on the back ledge of my 'shabby chic' lawn chair. He's about 30 inches long and not very big around - except for a slightly noticeable bulge a little ways down his body. A constrictor that is often kept as a pet. It eats rats, of course.

As well as insects, frogs, lizards, and birds. They grow up to 6 feet and live about 20 years. Three nice gentlemen arrive. They carefully capture the snake - avoiding any injury to the animal. The snake was placed in a cardboard container for transport. The guy holding the flashlight told me about the "baby" rattlesnake they picked up the night before in another housing area.

I believe my nightime adventures have come to an end. Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this thread. Always highlight: 10 newest replies Replies posted after I mark a forum. Solly's Excellen Nightime Adventure. Thanks, NV Whino. I have a policy around my place.

To me, that is one scary story. I was a little scared until I got a good look at it. Neat pics and a great adventure story! Thanks, elleng. I'll bet you did! Thanks, Celebration. Between the photographs and the moment to moment description, it was as good as a video. Thanks, freshwest. What a wonderful narrative,. Thanks, Callalily. I got these last night. Solly's Excellen Nightime Adventure Great story, and these photos will be a great memento of your time in Louisiana. I hope the snake finds him another spot and lives happily ever after I have a policy around my place Anything next to the house gets whacked.

When will my book be dispatched from your warehouse?

Anything beyond the house is live and let live. Your photos prove you did not buckle and brought us the visuals anyway. Good for us, we did not have to be afraid. The second from the last has me shrinking back anyway, and in the fourth from the last, for a minute, I think: O heck, just push that little head down and hold it down. No more snake. Very admirable capture of the moth, too.

Your photographic adventure tours are appreciated! I usually pick the dead blooms off every morning, just reaching my hand in and around my flowers without a care in the world. Not so much this morning. I checked first and then kept checking as I went from flower pot to flower bed, making a wide angle approach. Lots of venomous snakes here. I take precautions when out walking but just never thought to see one resting in my flower pot.

Silly me. The wall behind the snake gets hot during the day and radiates heat well into the night. Between the lizards and insects it is an ideal spot for a snake. I think that snake was someone's pet that escaped out of their house or they let them go. I'll make more tries for the moth. I really want him for my collection. I should have had a clue - my male anole has been scarce lately I saw him last 2 days ago and the female has been hanging out out back full time.

I love those anoles. Standard Delivery.

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