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When he gets to draw action or nature scenes, he's in his element. I particularly love his Texas Ranger and the scene with the vultures and the mesa that follows it, because it's obvious how much fun he had painting them. Once Dredd works out the mystery, though, the final few dozen pages of the story are a foregone conclusion, which is bad news for a thriller.

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The Gill thread and the DeKlerk thread resolve at the same time rather than together. There's some smart writing in the final scenes--I grinned at "a sixteen-lane speedway all the way to the Hab Zone without the crime problems of the overland route"--but after all of the story's intimations that the readers don't actually know everything there is to know about this situation yet, it's a letdown when it turns out that we do. As a side note, I get that it'd have been hard to feature Armon Gill on the cover of AD , since he keeps changing his appearance, but the relevant covers for this sequence are nearly all evergreen shots of Dredd.

Only the cover of Prog , above, makes any reference to the story itself--and that only in its background text. Next week: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection , a. No comments:. But then Seth walks out the door and out of her life.

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Five years later, Honor is an operative with the elite Last Chance Rescue organization and Seth is a desperate ex-cop searching for his missing niece—one of many young women who have mysteriously vanished from college campuses. Seth knows he had all the right reasons for the wrong he did five years ago. And from the moment he sees her—and takes her in his arms again—this former undercover man will risk everything for one more chance with Honor. Christy Reece is the author of the national bestselling Last Chance Rescue series. Christy lives in Alabama… More about Christy Reece. Christy Reece writes compelling characters and exciting plotlines, with action and romance woven expertly within the pages.

Read An Excerpt. Dane's books will keep you hooked until the very last page!! Oct 27, Maddy rated it liked it Shelves: reads. The head, Garrett Wheeler, is reported dead.


She doesn't believe it and goes on a dangerous mission to determine what is going on. At the same time her partner, Jessie, an ex bounty hunter, takes a personal leave to settle traumatic events from her childhood. This is really 2 stories in one book. And therein lies the problem - they really didn't connect or relate to one another at all. The Alexa story should have been the book's focus, IMO.

Sweet Justice: Reckoning for the Dead 4 by Jordan Dane (2011, Paperback)

View all 3 comments. Mar 10, Nancy rated it it was amazing. I loved this story. I can't wait to read the next one. Jul 26, Heidi added it. Great read.

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It was fast paced and the action was non-stop. Alexa's tension with Garrett was almost weird especially when you find out that she has feelings for Kinkaid. I personally wanted to punch Cook in the nose, but it's all good. I would recommend this book and I look forward to reading the other books in the series. Dec 25, Thirosha rated it it was amazing.

The way Jordan brought up the story was really interesting. This story displays love, revenge, care, good friendship, loyalty, greed, power and etc. The way the two stories being written also very interesting and makes you want to read more and more. Mar 24, Sandra rated it liked it.

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This book was written in and it left you thinking there could be more in this series, but 4 yrs on, I wonder if that's the case. I hope there are more in this series. Feb 12, Tom Tischler rated it really liked it.

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The 4th in the Sweet Justice series by Jordan Dane and justas good as the other 3. Aug 12, Sheila rated it really liked it. Have enjoyed the whole series. Cathi Smith rated it really liked it Apr 26, Amber rated it liked it Mar 19, Sara rated it liked it Nov 30, Brenda rated it really liked it Mar 16, Jen rated it really liked it Apr 26, Marjorie rated it really liked it Feb 10, Read All About It rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Senali Mendis rated it liked it Feb 22, Jessica rated it liked it Mar 04, Heike rated it it was amazing Sep 16,