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Discover how plant and animal toxins are being studied to create life-saving drugs.

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Toxin or Tonic? Lifesaver or Life-Taker? Poison in Nature Find out how plants and animals use poisons to survive.

Poisons centre data also contribute to improving knowledge about the human health effects of chemicals. The centralized nature of poisons centres means that they can be sentinels for chemical release and can provide early warning of disease outbreaks caused by chemicals. Poisons centres contribute to a number of the core capacities needed by countries for implementation of the International Health Regulations , in particular capacities for surveillance, preparedness and response for public health events involving chemical agents.

WHO has developed guidance and training materials on poisons centres and poisons centre operations and periodically organizes training workshops. WHO can also facilitate the provision of training placements at well-established poisons centres and, through its poisons centre network, it fosters links between new and well-established poisons centres.

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WHO has developed tools to facilitate the collection of internationally harmonized data on poisoning. This comprises a multilingual controlled terminology and classifications.

WHO has recently carried out a feasibility study on the establishment of a sub-regional poisons centre in the East Africa sub-region. Health Topics. World Health Statistics.

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Poisons centres What is a poisons centre? What does a poisons centre do?