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This is an intriguing finding in that it does not correspond to mostly gender-disadvantageous accounts of women in high status professions universally, nor in the legal profession specifically. This research attempts to preliminarily navigate this new territory of innovation and formal equality within the Indian legal profession by exploring the contours of this advantage across different levels of analysis.

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Splitting the Indian Baby by Law and Tradition

The original chemical that forms the basis of Gleevec, imatinib, was discovered in the early s and was not patentable in the country. The court ruled that Gleevec was not eligible for a patent because it was not demonstrably more effective than its predecessor. Novartis protests that this is not a case of evergreening because the new version is significantly superior in that it is 30 percent easier for the body to absorb than the earlier compound. The court noted that the decision should not be read as prohibiting patents on all incremental innovation.

It will not affect the price of the drug in America.