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Children with Down syndrome will usually be delayed in language comprehension compared with other children of the same age and it is important to begin with vocabulary that they understand and with short simple sentence structures. As children with Down syndrome progress and begin to read simple text with confidence, using language that they already know, reading then becomes a powerful tool to use to teach new vocabulary and grammar.

Reading activities can begin when a child understands words and can match and select pictures e. The same method used in these types of activities will be used to teach sight words. Once your child can match and select pictures confidently in this way, written words can be introduced.

Words for reading can be chosen from your child's own vocabulary the pictures they are matching and selecting correctly each time. Once your child can match pictures, it is important to go back to the beginning and teach the same words, but in the written form with no picture , playing the same matching, selecting and naming activities with the words. All children are likely to begin to learn to read with some of the words that are very familiar to them and are heard and used throughout daily routines, such as 'Mummy', 'Daddy', child's name, brother's and sister's names, important people or pets.

They are then more likely to be interested in reading games about words for their favourite animals, favourite food and drink, favourite toys and play activities, social words, and favourite places. Colour words and 'big' and 'little' can also be taught, as these can also be used to teach children to join words together in speech and sign. Reading color, shape and size words often seems to help children to understand them. It is important to begin reading with words that are nouns, verbs, and adjectives so that you can move from single words to word combinations quite quickly.

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Children need only learn a small sight vocabulary to begin to join words together meaningfully and usefully. Choose a few nouns, a few adjectives and a few verbs to make up their first words, so that you can build short phrases and sentences and make individual books right away. One example of a word lotto board could be 'Mummy', 'Daddy', child's name, and sleeping. Once your child can match and select these written words, you could then make a little book with the simple sentences 'Mummy is sleeping', 'Daddy is sleeping', 'child's name… is sleeping', with corresponding pictures of each person sleeping.

You could then move on to eating, jumping, drinking, etc. Most children love looking at photos of familiar people, so this activity is an ideal way to maintain your child's focus and attention while learning to read. Young children with Down syndrome learn to read by remembering whole words and their meanings before they are able to separate out the sounds in words and apply their letter sound knowledge to the task of reading.

They are, however, able to learn about letters, the sounds associated with the letters and their names. Therefore, young children with Down syndrome should have access to and enjoy typical pre-school and school age learning games about the letters and sounds of their language, participating in phonics teaching activities with their peers.

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The value of teaching reading and using reading activities to develop the spoken language skills for children with Down syndrome can not be underestimated. Children should be introduced to reading in a fun way, first learning to read whole words by playing matching, selecting and naming games and then moving on to reading short sentences and longer sentences in topic books.

All the activities and reading should be based on your child's interests and experiences, and needs to be linked to your child's language comprehension levels understanding and language learning needs. Children who have not made rapid progress with reading will still have benefited from these reading games and activities, as they are powerful and enjoyable ways of improving their understanding and use of spoken language. Reading and writing for individuals with Down syndrome - An overview Sue Buckley.

Reading and writing for infants with Down syndrome years Gillian Bird and Sue Buckley. Reading and writing for children with Down syndrome years Reading and writing for teenagers with Down syndrome years Memory development for individuals with Down syndrome Sue Buckley and Gillian Bird.

Patricia Logan Oelwein Woodbine House. Libby Kumin Oxford Reading Tree, Stage2 and 3. Word, sentence and text-level activities. Oxford University Press. Speaking for Myself. Early language development in education.

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Topologika Software Limited. Making Tracks to Literacy. Early literacy and pre-reading activities. Widgit Software Limited. Talking word processor with 'on-screen keyboard'. Inclusive Technology Limited. Children will be singing along to Old MacDonald Had a Farm as they read through this noisy board book. Children will be singing along and performing the actions to If You're Happy and You Know It as they read through this noisy board book.

This delightful collection features four picture storybooks with a timeless family appeal! With lavish illustrations and all the classic sing-along stories , these books are perfect for new and emerging readers. Format: paperback. Add to basket. Join Ryder and the other pups of Paw Patrol as they attempt to find some buried treasure on a pirate-themed adventure - best of all, your little one will be at the steering wheel! Press the buttons on the dashboard and turn the wheel to hear 13 paw -some sounds and musical queues inspired by the hit TV series.

This Usborne sound book features musical arrangements of popular nursery rhymes including Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Humpty Dumpty.

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The perfect gift for any young child or toddler, it's bound to make you and your little one smile. Hardback Toddlers. Find out what happens when Peppa and George's very quiet day turns very noisy indeed! With 18 sound buttons to press as you read the story, this is a super noisy gift for every Peppa fan! Board Toddlers.

A brightly coloured, touchy-feely book for babies. Press the buttons to hear a range of gentle, musical sounds which relate to the simple pictures. Delightful to share, this book will engage even a tiny baby's attention and as babies grow they will love to press the sound buttons themselves. This series is designed to be used from birth. Lift-the-flaps and press the 8 interactive sound buttons to see what the zoo has sent: the perfect pet - in the end!

This amazing, interactive play-along edition of "Dear Zoo" brings the classic story to noisy life: hear the lion roar and the puppy bark! Sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours this noisy book is a must for all "Dear Zoo" fans. Learn to play simple, well-known tunes on the sturdy keyboard attached to the book. Each note is represented with a different colour, which corresponds to the same colour on the keys, making this accessible even to very young children.


This is a bold, bright new book for babies containing beautifully designed high-contrast images that are easy for even newborn babies to focus on and a sound panel to bring the pictures to life. The words are onomatopoeic, providing easy prompts for parents to make sounds for their babies to hear, essential for their speech development along with the sound panel for added effect. The sounds include quacking ducks, tooting cars and a wailing fire engine. This lovely big board book is perfect for sharing with small children, who will love pressing the buttons to make the sounds you hear in the noisy prehistoric times.

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A perfect book for young dinosaur enthusiasts. The book comes with eight sounds, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring, raptors hissing and a pterodactyl squawking. It is colorfully illustrated by Lee Wildish.

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This is a fun interactive sound book in a chunky board book format. Have fun with Crazy Cow as she plays with all her farmyard friends, jumping in puddles, hiding among the flowers, dressing up and dancing in the hay. This title includes colourful pictures, an interactive sound button and a lively story will keep your child entertained as you read together.

First readers can try the book themselves - repeated language, gentle rhyme and simple vocabulary make this a perfect early reading book.