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I started looking in the mirror and seeing 30 things that needed to change; I developed severe body dysmorphic disorder. When the elliptical and calorie restriction stopped working, I became bulimic; I was just so desperate to be thin.

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I was tired all the time, I had no energy to do anything even when I was sleeping 10 hours a night. The bags under my eyes were insane.

It was at this point that I was dating a bodybuilder who informed me I was doing it all wrong. This got the idea in my head that there was a better way, and I started to research nutrition and strength workouts.

Staci’s Origin Story: 170 Pounds and Unhappy

I remember struggling to do chest presses with the 5lb dumbbells. Seriously terrified. I started doing more research and began my transition to eating more Paleo in April or May I upped my calorie intake to around 1, a day and immediately started to feel better. Because she was working out with coworkers and friends rather than random strangers, she felt comfortable giving strength training a try; she felt okay asking coworkers questions on different exercises and less self-conscious that she was doing everything wrong.

Over the next few months, from June until late August, she continued to educate herself on eating better and getting stronger:. I just ate when I was hungry. I gained weight, but I stayed the same size clothes, so what the scale said started to matter less and less. I went from pounds at my lowest to around pounds both pictured above and felt GREAT about it.

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My scale broke in May of that year, so I threw it away and only weigh myself probably once a month these days out of pure curiosity. It was right around this time on her search for Paleo diet information that she stumbled across Nerd Fitness and saw an article about the Legend of Zelda her favorite video game series too. She joined our community and continued to put her focus on strength training, and made sure she ate enough to fuel her workouts. She also sought out professional help for her eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. Over the following six months, she strength trained like her life depended on it, keeping track of her gains and making sure she ate enough to continue getting stronger.

She learned the movements, took tips from others, and constantly checked in with the Nerd Fitness Community.

Staci starts weight training, goes full Paleo, finds Nerd Fitness

She raised her deadlift from pounds to pounds, added 50 pounds to her overhead press and 50 pounds to her bench press. Allow me to show you! Believe it or not, Staci is 11 pounds heavier pounds in the picture on the right May compared to the picture on the left pounds, October Okay, maybe not magic. When you strength train with very heavy weights for low numbers of repetitions, you build incredibly DENSE, tight muscle.

If you are eating at a caloric deficit, you are keeping the muscle you have and burning the fat on top of the muscle. So how did Staci gain weight, then? For the next four years, Staci continued to pick up very heavy weights, eat more calories than most men, and really focus on getting stronger. Building a solid foundation of functional strength allowed Staci to work on other skills and pick them up quickly.

My overall goal, sport-specific aside, is to be able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to, without warning, without my body holding me back. Staci can do all of the above because she built a foundation of functional strength.


She got really strong at big movements like the squat and deadlift, and bodyweight movements like push-ups and pull-ups. She taught her body that being strong feels good, and learned that being strong makes her happy. She also had help!

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  5. Although she learned a lot on her own, Staci over the past 7 years has worked with different coaches and trainers to learn specific skills or improve her ability in certain movements or lifts, as well as help her with proper programming and periodization. This is what Staci does day in and day out in order to gain weight so that she can lift heavier weights.

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    Boldface denotes active judokas and highest medal count among all judokas including these who not included in these tables per type. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Judo competition. Baseball Magazine Sha Co. World Judo Championships.

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    Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Current event or competition: World Judo Championships. Japan — medals gold medals. Men — — — —present Open category no weight limits.

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    Women — —present Open category no weight limits. Tokyo , Japan. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Paris , France. Stade Pierre de Coubertin. Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.

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    6. Salt Lake City , United States. Gymnasium at the University of Utah. Technology has also helped improve scores. Material and equipment is constantly getting better. One of the most important factors, however , is the human mind. It lies in our nature to be better and faster than someone else.