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How Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will Impact the Crowd Calendar

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 22 November Marching and dancing together encourages people to follow the crowd Marching, dancing and chanting together encourages us to follow the crowd, scientists claim in a study which could help explain the rise of movements such as fascism. By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent. Related Articles. His team asked 24 women to rate more than women for attractiveness.

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New Scientist. In Science News. Top news galleries. Telegraph on Facebook. His email address is fred touringplans.

Crowd psychology

You can also follow him on Twitter: DisneyStatsWhiz. Thanks so much, Fred. School will still be in session in many places in May, so do you think that might keep crowds a bit lower? It might.

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I think the control of access to the land will be the biggest factor. If they really keep it to a few thousand guests at a time then the crowds in the new land itself will be reasonable. Thanks for getting updates up so quickly! So nervous about our late September trip now but this made me feel a little better. My child has some special needs that make level crowds not a good idea for us.

I see the new predictor will be here Monday.

The Asch Conformity Experiments

We have our dining booking open Monday at 6am and what you say could impact which park we go to. Is there any tips you can give since the window opens before the calander post likely? Such as avoid magic hours etc. I dont want to wait to book dining especially if it could be very busy. Any even little thoughts would be super appreciated. Do you expect Hollywood studios to increase attendance on Saturdays? My family goes to great lengths to use Touring Plans to make sure we visit Disney when the crowd levels are their lowest.

Most of they time we wait less than 10 minutes per ride during busy periods. Of course we travel off-season.

Wisdom and folly

Thank you Touring Plans for being so utterly awesome! That being said, we scheduled our vacation back in November, for September 7 — 14, The numbers were looking good until the Star Wars announcement. I look forward to seeing how well you all navigate this new data crunch. We booked the same week, September th, on Thursday morning. That evening, I saw that they announced the Star Wars opening! This will be our first Disney trip and settled on that week for the low crowds. I love your positive post! I feel like shouting Noooooooo!!! We travel in the off seasons too and only get to go every years.

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We were really looking forward to a mid-September week of 1 and 2 crowd levels. But you helped me remember that 4 is really still a great day at Disney! Do you think if we shifted our dates a week earlier we could still have a low crowd trip?

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We are staying at yacht on August We plan to avoid HS on the 29th but want to go to MK. Should we skip bus and take Lyft? I know Florida usually reduces staff after labor day.. Can we expect a bump in staff and hours to accommodate the influx of people?

I know that offsite guests can usually stay within the Parks during evening EMH, but are not able to go on any rides. I was floored when the announcement hit. But I just checked the WDW site, and there are still rooms available of almost every type at the hotel same dates- same at GF, Wilderness, and on and on….

People still will have just put summer to bed and kids st their desks.

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If this were a full blown grand opening during fall breaks- I think all the greatest crowd-fears would be realized. I suspect the partial opening in a slow window fills some beds and softens the impact of the overall opening. Such as moving DHS to midweek and away from the opening day. After reading this post and another I think we can manage it.

We are in the same boat. A part of me is excited to possibly experience it but a bigger part is slightly terrified. Hi my husband and son are going that last week in August and we went last year at the same time for our first trip and my husband surprised us with going again this year. We had already planned on going to Hollywood studios that day we even have a reservation for Hollywood and vine since my son loves Disney jr before we heard about the opening…. I know we had booked it for before yhr part had even opened I really just thr thought of having to get in line for hours before the park opens just to get to our reservation….

I know from last year they had separate lines for breakfast reservation will that still be thr case? Thank you for any information!! Trying to decide whether to just skip HS altogether given the GE announcement.