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“The Sting”: The con is on! | Out In Jersey

Katherine is certainly prosperous, but in her typically irritable and curt way, she warns Petruchio to "best beware my sting! The delightful music adds much charm and Italian flavor to this classic story. Different versions of the same or similar story:. What Should a Father Do? Ode to Bianca.

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  4. Rachael Ray and Rachel Roy Soothed the Beyhive Sting With Wine and Flowers.
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  8. The movement of a desk fountain pen reveals secret passageways behind book shelves where shadowy, knife-wielding figures dart in and out, leaving dead bodies in their wake. All the policemen are Irish--even the black ones.


    The comic is more funny in his cowardice than in his jokes. And the Billie Burke-like mistress of the house is most concerned with what foods would best complement an evening of murder.

    Rachael Ray and Rachel Roy Soothed the Beyhive Sting With Wine and Flowers

    Director Andrew Barnicle keeps his energetic person cast hopping through this labyrinthine plot and there are some stand-out performances amid the delightful nonsense. Pert and pretty Stina Sundberg gives a scene-devouring performance as both maid Helsa Wenzel and the ghoulish person impersonating her.

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    John Rosen is irresistibly sad-sack as comedian Eddie McCue who finds time between his delightfully dreadful jokes to spark a charming little romance with dancer Nikki Crandall, played with appealing gawkiness by Kimberly Wells. Jeff Wolf brings panache to effeminate composer Roger Hopewell without ever descending into offensive caricature. Jonathan Williams manfully shoulders the single straight-man role as beleaguered policeman Michael Kelly. As the hostess, Elsa Von Grossenknueton, Louise Merrim has got the daffy demeanor down; if only she could be quicker with the patter.

    Diane Thrasher, while funny, misses the opportunity to steal the show in the sterling role of the tipsy, oblivious artiste who complains that all these murders are distracting her from the art of creation. But the whistling of the storm outside provides the needed chills. The timing is right, though. By John Bishop.