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Force deflection

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Sekiro submitted 5 months ago by AntonLara9. Want to add to the discussion? I don't see how Alice would survive an excaliblast. Saber don't even need to use a fullpowered Excaliblast tbh.

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With a limited charged Excaliblast, she can activate it instantly which would be enough. Despite the fact that Fake Assassin can harm Berserker as long as he's on the Temple Grounds, someone who can no-sell explosions on the same level as Caladbolg.

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So enough application of magic onto concrete, is enough to strengthen it to withstand Excalibur for a time. Any Servant has the same kind of magical energy so your claims to dismiss them is again, a gross downplay of how strong Assassin's blade could be with the correct backup.

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And again, what happens when a hurricane that can engulf the region of Connaught is reinforced by magical energy. Normal winds and lightning can be dodged or tanked by the Servants in the area, but they have to actively avoid being hit when the hurricane is magically enhanced by Ishtar.

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Let's look at what Emiya Alter can do with one bullet. His stats aren't that different from regular Archer anyway. He achieved a Mystery attained only with human techniques that rivaled the Noble Phantasms of Servants. The Saga revision split this power into "Rebuke", allowing the user to resist, deflect, and possibly reflect back Force powers "Force duels" , and "Negate energy" allowing the user to dissipate and possibly absorb energy attacks.

In the latter game, however, blaster bolts cannot be deflected with the Force.

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Categories : Legends articles Alter powers. Who would have thought it? Snape only returned fire when Harry persisted in chasing him while taunting him, and even then he used spells to keep Harry down rather than actually injuring him significantly.

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In some rather distasteful memories, James — along with his gang of friends Sirius, Peter and Remus — was revealed to be a bit of a bully. And Snape seemed to be their main target. So when Remus Lupin appeared at Hogwarts to teach the job that Professor Snape so desperately wanted himself, we can imagine Snape was none too pleased. Over the years he did whatever he could to try to make up for his past as a Death Eater, and he followed Dumbledore — for the most part — without question.

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  • The dawning realisation and his unguarded response showed just how complicated Snape was.