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What I enjoyed most is that it tackles the topic of bullying in a light, fun manner. Bullying is a serious issue. And what this book teaches kids-though they might not even know it-is that there is a time when you will come into y Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much the girls and I laughed while reading this book. And what this book teaches kids-though they might not even know it-is that there is a time when you will come into your own.

That just because you've been a victim of bullying once, doesn't mean you will be forever. Fisher's journey after creating Fisher Two is one fueled by his jealousy over his clone's popularity, that is then tempered by his desire to save his genetic counterpart when he's in danger. Fisher must move outside of his comfort zone and see what he is made of in order to rescue Fisher Two. It's not easy for every victim of bullying, but the more books that provide young people with relatable characters who do face up to or deal with their bullies, the more empowered these victims will be.

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Middle-grade boys are sure to love Popular Clone for its antics and adventure. But girls will find many things to like about it too. Fisher and Fisher Two are great characters that provide tons of silly moments, and some tender ones too. Any youngster who enjoys science will get a kick out of this book.

Highly recommended. Apr 14, Xander ForeverBookish rated it it was amazing Shelves: secretness. Fisher Bas is a 6th grader who gets tormented by a group of three kids that he calls the Vikings. They are always waiting for him, to bash him on the head with the biggest book they can find, give him a swirly or something else along those lines.

One day, Fisher just gets tired of it. So he comes up with a solution-cloning himself with the AGH Advanced Growth Hormones that his mom invented, which is something that world-known Dr.

X ander, no, I am not kidding! After a sleepless weekend, lots of work and many different attempts, Fisher creates his clone.

When his clone comes to life, he thinks a woman from a Spot-Rite ad is his mother so Fisher creates a fantasy for his clone to believe-that they are trying to get their mother back and they have to go to a place to train AKA Middle School for their enemies. He has friends, is known around school and stands up to the Vikings. In a wacky middle-grade story of adventure and clones, Fisher strives to be as good as his clone, and fights the evil Dr.

X after a very shocking twist in the plot in a wonderful debut. What I thought about it: Popular Clone was a great book. I think this was a strong debut for M. Castle, and fans of middle-grade sci-fi will enjoy it. I have been reading a lot of sci-fi lately; Mila 2.

I thinking the idea of cloning yourself is interesting-and very complicated. The tomatos are the size of beach balls, and the bananas are the size of baseball bats. Now that is awesome. Also, the battle at the end was pretty epic, with lots of action and chases. The book ends with a BIG cliffhanger, though.

So overall, a great book for fans of middle-grade stories and adventures. May 25, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: animals , families , science , self-esteem , mysteries , school , bullies. Bullies have populated our world from the beginning time, and as most teachers know, there are plenty of bullies in today's classrooms. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is relieved that bullying is being addressed so frequently in trade books for children and young adults. Hats off to C. Bott and all her efforts through The Bully in the Book and in the Classroom to make sure teachers and parents are aware of these books.

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This title isn't just another title dealing with school bullies. While i Bullies have populated our world from the beginning time, and as most teachers know, there are plenty of bullies in today's classrooms. While it's true that Fisher Bas, 12, faces the Vikings, a group of athletic types, who make going to school pure torture for Fisher [Love his name, by the way!

Part of what seems to make Fisher a target for the thugs in his school is that he is different from them. The child of two scientifically gifted parents, he's a science geek with plenty of science talents but few social skills. In fact, it's hard for him to even talk to a girl without getting his tongue tied in knots. When his experiment works better than he expected, Fisher Two goes off to school and faces the boredom of school. But Fisher Two is not exactly the same as his creator. Rather than tolerating the verbal and physical abuse from the Vikings, he ends up behaving in ways that make him popular with his classmates.

The bullying and self-esteem themes play out against the backdrop of parents who often seem too self-absorbed to see what their child is enduring as well as a plot from an evil scientist Dr. X who is intent on gaining access to the Advanced Growth Hormone Fisher's mother has concocted. Amid all the mayhem and plotting, I laughed and laughed at the antics of both Fishers and savored the bullies getting their just desserts. I loved getting to know Fisher and Fisher Two and watch both of them grow and change. I can't wait to see what happens next. How great it is to Jun 29, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: not-graphic , life , light , j , sci-fi.

If telling a joke or talking to a girl were half as effortless as splicing bacterial DNA, Fisher would be the most popular boy in school. When he was little, all the neighborhood kids loved to come over and play tag around the cucumber for [Fisher] wished more than anything that he felt even half as comfortable in a crowd of other twelve-year-olds as he did when surrounded by test tubes and bubbling solutions. When he was little, all the neighborhood kids loved to come over and play tag around the cucumber forest, or try to beat the refrigerator at a game of chess.

Then, a few years ago, it was as though a switch flipped in everyone else's head. Suddenly, people who were curious, who wanted to learn new things and explore the world, were nerds. FP was an unusual pig.

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In fact, he was a Flying Pig. His parents had once gotten into a debate about adding on additional lab space to their house. Fisher's father had told his mother that he'd agree to expand the property "when pigs fly. His favorite tactic is to do his best to be invisible to everyone and hide from the constant bullying he receives.

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One day when his strategy isn't working well enough, though, he gets fed up and decides to avoid school altogether by cloning himself, planning to let his clone go to school in his place while he hides out in his lab at home. Except Two, his clone, has a different strategy for dealing with school and bullies: head-on confidence. Suddenly there's a new Fisher in town, except it's not Fisher, and he worries all the attention will get him discovered.

Of course, none of that will matter if evil scientist Dr. X steals his mom's growth hormone, and Dr.

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X will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Will Fisher learn enough about confidence from Two to stand up to the scientific bully? What's a genius inventor to do when the bullies at school make him their personal target? Send a clone to school in his place, obviously! The story of Popular Clone takes a common secret wish of many a geeky, bullied child and spins the tale to it's conclusion.

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Turns out it's not easy managing one's life when there are two selves to keep up with, especially when one's clone turns out to be as well-liked as one was disliked. Fisher Bas is a genius, but his school life isn't what one mi What's a genius inventor to do when the bullies at school make him their personal target? Fisher Bas is a genius, but his school life isn't what one might call pleasant. Most days he spends hiding from the "Vikings" a group of typical school bullies.

Both his parents are also inventors and brainiacs. Although they try to assure Fisher that eventually his peers will value him for his intellect, Fisher doesn't want to spend another second waiting. He's tired of being the victim Why not let his clone deal with school while he lounges at home getting on with his own ingenious inventions!?

Popular Clone (Clone Chronicles Series #1)

Fisher Two, however, seems to have some strange ideas Fisher has to convince his confused clone that in order to re-unite with the Spot Right lady he must face and defeat the foes at Middle School. Thus his clone's take over of Fisher's middle school begins. Soon Fisher finds himself creating more and more elaborate lies, sneaking around and confronting things he would have run screaming from before.

Add a nefarious evil scientist to the mix and Fisher's life turns catastrophic. The story is fun and really has a sense of childhood hijinks and both what kids do to skip out on school and what they do while skipping. It was pretty nostalgic for me, I can't remember how many times I've wished for a clone to take my place while I munched on snacks and played video games at home!

May 22, Samantha rated it it was ok. Fisher Bas is a year-old boy genius.