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The Republicans

She was married to a congressman, then senator and two-time Republican presidential candidate for almost four decades - after a brief courtship during which John pretended to be younger and Cindy pretended to be older. They discovered the year age difference he was 43, she was 25 when they applied for their marriage license and wed in She was his second wife and the catalyst for his second career.

After years in the Navy and as a prisoner of war, John moved to Cindy's native Arizona and realized his political ambitions thanks to his charisma, military valor and Cindy's family fortune. The couple decided to raise their children in Phoenix, treating John's time in Washington as a weekly deployment. He came home almost every weekend and congressional breaks, and the family usually retreated to their beloved ranch, Hidden Valley, near Sedona. It was, and remains, the place of their happiest memories. The kids grew up, John's Senate career made him even more famous and Cindy quietly pursued her life as a businesswoman and advocate.

There were challenges: She overcame both a mild stroke and a prescription drug addiction, as well as two bruising, unsuccessful presidential campaigns.

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But it was, according to close friends, a love match of two equally restless, independent people. The McCains became royalty of the Republican Party. So it was shocking to just about everyone in politics when Trump insulted John's years as prisoner in Vietnam "He's not a war hero I like people who weren't captured. The contempt between the two men was so great that the president did not utter the McCain name when he signed a defense-spending bill named in John's honor.

Trump was pointedly not invited to the funerals last year in Phoenix or Washington. The president has continued to disparage the late senator, decrying his health-care vote, his academic record, his views on Russian election interference. Two months ago, the McCains' daughter Meghan, a co-host on "The View," laced into Trump: "Listen, he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it, and I know it, and all of you know it: He will never be a great man. Cindy, who says she did not vote for Trump in the election, has never responded directly to the president.

I'm not. My job is my family, and what I'm concerned about is whether or not they're happy, whether everyone's got their lives together, whether they need anything. I've not thought about responding. It's a diplomatic and a measured answer - not unlike the woman herself - if hardly plausible. The McCain Institute, however, has not only thought about responding but asked supporters to "protect John's legacy" by donating to the nonprofit. But she did respond to a hater in March after receiving a vile Facebook message shortly after yet another Trump attack. Above an image of the woman's message, including her name, Cindy tweeted: "I want to make sure all of you could see how kind and loving a stranger can be.

I'm posting her note for her family and friends could see. It was, Cindy had decided, "enough.

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I mean, seriously? You take it upon yourself anonymously to send me this garbage? So I thought 'OK, game on. Let's do it. Despite all of this - which is a lot, even for someone familiar with the darker side of politics - she considers herself a loyal Republican, "a Reagan conservative, a little more liberal on some of the social issues. I believe in what we stand for when we're together as a party and functioning the way we should. But those hoping she'll lead the resistance against Trump have the wrong woman.

She is the only child of a "very Southern" mother who preached restraint even as her Western father confidently handed her the family business. The combination is self-sufficient but not showy - which means she sees no value in engaging in a public fight with the president. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N. For non-cowgirls, the term means getting the job done, jumping back on the horse if it throws you, and moving on.

Cindy describes herself as someone who likes issues more than politics - close friends call her a pragmatist more interested in solving problems than debating them. And yet her oldest child, Meghan, has become a famous conservative pundit. She extends the same familial generosity to Graham, despite his staunch and unfailing support for Trump. That's doesn't affect our friendship at all. Graham, who says he "adores" Cindy, explains that they "have a mutual desire to make sure that John McCain's legacy is honored and defended.

McCain and the country. During the congressional spring break last month, the two traveled to Tunisia and Rwanda to work against human trafficking.

Another dear friend: Joe Biden, who was one of the speakers at John's funeral in Arizona, was, perhaps, the person most helpful to Meghan and to Cindy during John's illness, using his own experience with his son's cancer to guide them through. But last month, Cindy denied reports that she would endorse Biden and announced she would not campaign for him. And presidential politics is combat," she says. As for herself, she never gave elected office any real consideration; her name was tossed around to fill John's seat but she and Republican Gov.

Doug Ducey never sat down to talk about it. Of all her human rights projects, none has captivated Cindy quite like the issue of human trafficking. She taught herself everything she could about the problem, travels around the globe to educate people, and is relentless in her quest to put a stop to it.

Sen. John McCain, Who Served The U.S. For More Than 60 Years, Has Died

She traces her obsession back to a trip to India, where she had gone to see the grave of Mother Teresa. Let's take your example, Rush Limbaugh which uses the heading "Prescription drug addiction".

Why doesn't it read "Prescription drug addiction, doctor lawyering and recovery" or "Prescription drug addiction, doctor lawyering, arrest and recovery"? Why not "Prescription drug addiction, rehab and the Betty Ford Center"? Another example: Patrick J. Kennedy uses the heading "Capitol Hill impaired driving accident". Why not "Prescription drug addiction, special treatment, driving accident"?

Your examples: Winona Ryder " shoplifting incident" -- why not "Shoplifting incident, drug usage and probation"? Drug usage was an issue here but not decisive. Listing probation would be irrelevant just as recovery here is. Using your style, it should read, "Mail fraud, Whitewater scandal and conviction".

I argue that "A hysterectomy in resolved her back pain" doesn't add any substance. Once a person is addicted, they don't become unaddicted once the cause that originally drove her to drugs is resolved. Therefore, what is the purpose of this statement? What implication is it making?

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The razor's edge question: Does its exclusion take away significant content to the issue of her drug addiction? More importantly, McCain stopped taking the drugs in which again highlights why this irrelevant.

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  6. The sources are contradictory on this issue. She simply stopped and somehow found a way to live with [the] Then, in January , However, when writing for More. Com which is not a reliable source and should be removed from the article he states:. The Arizona Republic source simply states that she had a hysterectomy in but said she quit in I don't think it is too private a detail, just irrelevant to a section that discusses her drug addiction.