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I notice that the more provincial and uneducated area I'm in, the more likely people are to pronounce it wrong. So - I rarely had a problem with it when I lived in NYC, but people in the midwest butcher it all the time. I have been to France a few times and note that it is a very common, normal name there.

It's only in the midwest and country US that people have a problem with it. It was my maternal grandmother's name given to me as a middle name.

Comment appreter les champignons sauvages: Recettes de tante Cecile (French Edition)

I was called by the nickname, Ceci until I dropped it in favor of my first name which sounded more sophisticated and was unisex. I have always struggled with feeling love towards my own name because no one has ever pronounced it correctly right away, they often are to lazy to look at the spelling and just assume its cecilia or something along those lines. To the point when i was in high school and a teacher would say something off from my name and my whole class in course would all say her name is pronounced Cecile.

I may feel unique and important at some points but at other times it isn't the greatest. If you are considering this name for your son or daughter just be ready for some complaining but also some complaints. Cecile DePoulignac, character portrayed by Nancy Frangione on the daytime drama, "Another World" Cecile is the name of a shapeshifting, singing, Claymation rubber ball on the children's show "Sesame Street".

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Origin of the name Cecile: French feminine form of Cecil, which is derived from Caecilius, an old Roman family name, which has its root in the Latin caecus blind, dim-sighted. What are her siblings named?

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